"Artistic Fundamentals" - $6

Included in this book are chapters on Perspective, Composition and Color Theory,

I have written this book after hearing so many people bemoan the lack of books out there for the very basic beginning artist. Some of the subjects, such as perspective, can be quite complicated but this book only contains most of what you need to get started. I hope to write further books, gradually becoming more advanced as the reader progresses.

Producing art is one of the great stress relievers and is so needed in today’s fast paced world. Many people have taken up the pencil or brush in the hopes of finding an outlet for their creativity.

The most important ingredient to becoming a good artist is practice! Practice, practice, practice! Learn the basic concepts first, which I hope you can do from this book, then practice them all the time, anywhere and everywhere. Don’t get discouraged because you can’t seem to “get it” after reading many books on the subject and drawing for a month